How I track my day in org-mode

A few years ago I started tracking the work I do during the day. This is aside from any hours required by my job, but it helps when I have reviews or need to reference when something occurred. It’s super useful when I have an early morning standup, just read the outline and I’m up to speed. Aside from those obvious benefits I find that putting my tasks into just a few words helps solidify in my mind what I’ve done.

I keep this list with one running org file that tracks the work by day. Each year I start a new file, not for some limitation with org-mode, but it gives some finality for me to roll the file from, say, 2014 to 2015.

Org-mode makes it easy for me to keep the outline, and track TODOs. At the end of each day I make notes for the TODOs that I worked on but didn’t finish. Then I make TODOs for anything I think of during the evening that I want to tackle the next day.

The format looks somewhat like:

* Jan 2
** DONE Data model for image generation
** TODO Data storage for image generation

I’ve also started keeping a separate file for the notes on each different project I have, but that format is new and I’m not completely sold.