A change a day

Change one thing about your development environment every day. It doesn’t have to be a big change, you don’t need a new editor, but one small thing. I’m setting a goal to make one change to my working environment each day. Right now I’m completly daunted by getting something like tmux or emacs configured exactly the way I would like it. It’s to much of a change for one day. Even if I could get everything changed, there is no way I’d remember while I’m working.

This has caused me to leave these tools in configuration that is familiar to me. Every few weeks or months I’ll make a huge change, and maybe something will stick, but not usually. To fix this I’m going to try making a small nudge every day, and trying to make sure I use these small changes several times until I’ve learned them. If I don’t like something it’ll be easy enough to revert. It’s iterative development, but for my environment.

I’d love to know what changes other people are making to their environments. It’s especially interesting how you go about making big changes stick. Can you break them down into small, incremental changes? I’ll try to document if I find a good way.

Let me know about what you’ve changed in your environment, and how it went. I’m easiest to find on twitter @wwkeyboard.