May 16, 2019

Ipad as Developer's Machine

In school I had a professor who repeatedly warned us about keeping
personal data on an employer's machine. I'm not a lawyer and you
should get professional help before relying 100% on this story, but
I'm going to repeat it here.

This professor would tell us that any machine the employer owned, and
any machine the employer's code was on, could be taken as evidence in
a trial. Possibly a trial that didn't otherwise involve you. Any data
on the computer would be open for discovery, to be sorted through by
lawyers to decide what was pertinent to the trial.

What's worse, if you tried to delete anything personal from the
machine once you learned of this you could be in trouble for tampering
with evidence! This has been enough of a warning to me that I've
usually had two laptops, one from work that had NOTHING personal on
it, and my own machine.

This is a pain. Two laptops usually means two power adapters, twice
the weight, twice the worry about theft.

So I'm trying something new. Right now I'm setting up an iPad as my
second machine. I'll document how I go about this, as it's not quite
like the people trying to completely replace a development machine
with an iPad. At home I still have a laptop, I'm just not bringing it
with me to coworking spaces, coffee shops, or on business trips. This
means the iPad needs to take care of basic communications, reading,
note taking, some coding, and emergency sysadmin tasks.

It's an entertaining, if sometimes frustrating, project. I'll keep
this page updated with my findings.